Digital Business Automation

What to automate ?

A large Canadian custom broker uses intelligent automation to remove manual interventions
within the clearance process and improve customer service.

Before (Manual)

After (Intelligent)

Access granted!


  1. A client wants to get clearance for a a shipment that he wants to send across the border. He sends the related documentation to the customer broker.
  2. A clearance request is sent to the clearance team.
  3. The clearance expert reviews it and creates the transaction in the ERP system. He also initiates the paper folder.
  4. The clearance expert works on the request and contacts external experts if necessary.
  5. The transaction is cleared and relevant documentation is sent to the border agency.
  6. The invoice gets generated
  7. A print team starts preparing all the related documentation to the transaction and attach copies and send to the client.

Challenges and issues

  • Cost of paper handling was very high (over 30 people to assemble and send invoices).
  • Processing and billing time for a clearance request was in weeks.

The intelligent automation innovations

  • Automate the document capture process to not only recognize the type of document it is, but also read it to extract relevant information to process with the clearance.
  • Setup electronic transaction folders that contains all the relevant documents to a transaction.
  • Create a clearance bot automatically process the transaction. Only errors and problems are now being sent to a human.
  • Create a printing bot that automatically assemble the transaction documents and makes it ready to be sent to the client.
  • Create a self-service portal so clients can come and download invoices and transaction attachments.

Technological toolbox

The benefits

  • Ability to bill customer on the same day as their transaction request.
  • Significant reduction in invoice generation errors.
  • Access transaction history in seconds.
  • Reduced costs for sending invoices to customers.
  • Faster processing time for transactions.
  • Reduction in the number of errors in the processing of transactions.


The client has saved over $1 million a year by eliminating non-value-added human tasks and saving on paper.

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