Digital Business Automation

What to automate ?

A large distributor uses intelligent capture to automate its account payable process.

Before (Manual)

After (Intelligent)

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  1. A supplier sends an invoice or request for payment to the company. The financial document can be received in hard copy, by email, by fax or by a secure link to a portal.
  2. The document is sent to accounting. The document received is in electronic format, it is also printed before it is sent.
  3. Accounting receives the document and marks it with the date received. The transaction is prepared in the financial system and the department responsible for its approval is identified.
  4. If the financial document is in paper format, it is scanned and a copy is placed in an electronic file.
  5. .The paper version of the financial document is sent to the appropriate department and a tracking spreadsheet is maintained by the accounting department to ensure compliance with deadlines.
  6. The document is approved and the transaction is updated in the financial system. The person in charge may also request the assistance of the Accounting Department to process the document.
  7. Once approved, the electronic document is moved to the processed folder and the spreadsheet is updated. Payment is prepared and sent to the client in electronic format.

Challenges and issues

  • Handling paper invoices is complex and requires very close tracking of accounting so that payments are on time.
  • The electronic file requires a lot of manual management in order to place the documents in the correct folder with the correct document name.
  • Accounting matching and imputations are done manually resulting in processing delays.

The intelligent automation innovations

  • Deploy a smart capture module that is able to recognize the received documents, extract the relevant information and automatically match if all the information is present.
  • Deploy an intelligent electronic file allowing the assignment of documents directly to the persons in charge and perform a complete follow-up & automate them.

Technological toolbox

The benefits

  • Accelerate invoice processing times to maximize available discounts.
  • Simplify the process of searching for an invoice or voucher.
  • Eliminate duplicate invoices or pay claims.
  • Enable the implementation of an automated dashboard to ensure the integrity and performance of the process.


The new process reduced the average invoice processing time by more than 3 days and reduced the resources required to process vendor invoices by 30%.

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