Digital Business Automation

Why automate?

How can companies improve on creating new experiences while maximizing revenue per employee?

By applying automation intelligently and pervasively to augment employees and create a better customer experience.

In 60% of all job roles worldwide,
up to 30% of work can be automated?

– McKinsey Global Institute, 2017

Automation maximizes revenue per employee… by reinventing the customer experience while reducing cost

The intelligent automation dimensions

As machines get smarter, they're quickly learning to complete the repetitive and time-consuming tasks that take up much of our workdays. Advancements in automation have always helped businesses progress. Now, thanks to artificial intelligence, automation has the power to create enterprise-wide change.

  • Recommendation engines: Make tailored and personalized suggestions to a “market of one”
  • Natural language processing: Capabilities to understand and Interact using human speech as It is spoken
  • Machine learning systems: Ability to learn and Improve without explicit Instructions
  • Image analysis: Ability to interpret visual images and conduct matching analysis
  • Deep learning: Artificial neural network algorithms with ability to reason and remember
  • Predictive analytics: Capabllltles to anticipate outcomes based on collected knowledge

Where are you on your journey
to intelligent automation?

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The "robot" is taught to drive simple applications and data management tasks following predetermined pathways.


The "robot" follows predetermined computer pathways across systems, conducts complex calculations and triggers downstream activities, often enabled by discrete AI capabilities.


The "robot" has autonomous decision-making capabilities and may interact with humans through a combination of advanced algorithms and multiple types of AI.

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