Digital Business Automation

What to automate ?

A large Canadian insurer uses intelligent automation to improve first contact
to a few minutes in order to improve renewal rate.

Before (Manual)

After (Intelligent)

Access granted!


  1. A client contacts the insurance company or the broker to report a loss
  2. The claim agent or the broker fills-up a first loss notice that will be sent out to the claim adjuster.
  3. The claim adjuster reviews it and creates the claim in the claim system. He also initiates the paper claim folder. At that time, the client is contacted for the first time.
  4. The claim adjuster works on the claim and contacts the external experts required by the situation.
  5. The claim adjuster exchange correspondence with the client through the broker or the claim agent.
  6. The claim adjuster maintains the claim system and the claim folder up to date with the received information.

Challenges and issues

  • The first contact with the insured could take up to a few weeks
  • Collaboration with external experts was complex and slow
  • Managing the claim file was complex (single copy on the expert’s desk)
  • Customer interaction was manual

The intelligent automation innovations

  • Creation of a digital claim folder that is accessible to everyone (agents, adjusters, brokers, clients, etc.)
  • Deployment of a self-service portal to allow customer service agent and brokers to open claims directly online and create the electronic records required in the claim system and the electronic claim folder.
  • Deployment a letter template application allowing the insurance company employees to generate letters automatically and modify them easily.
  • Creation an assignment system that will determine the best external resources to assign function of business metrics.

Technological toolbox

The benefits

  • The first contact with the insured now takes a few minutes.
  • Collaboration with external experts is now effective and intelligent.
  • Management of the claim file is centralized (electronic file).
  • Customer interaction is automated.


The customer was able to improve customer satisfaction by about 5% percent and increase the renewal rate by about 3%.

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